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Naturopathy restores balance in the body by providing an optimal environment that supports the body’s innate self-healing mechanisms to fulfill its needs. Grounded in the healing power of nature, naturopathy integrates modern science with traditional eastern medicine and goes beyond treating symptoms by addressing the root cause of illness and building resilience. 


Whether you’re interested in learning what you can do to prevent illness or are facing a health challenge, I can help you create a personalized wellness plan that's unique to your health goals. 

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Life Coaching 

Life coaching aims to provide clarity about personal goals and the support needed to reach them. Our thoughts and feelings create the lives we live. Changing our mindset can be challenging, especially when we’re not aware of our underlying limiting beliefs. ThetaHealing® is a neuro-reprogramming technique and tool I use  to facilitate deep and impactful transformation in people’s lives.


If you’re feeling stuck or struggling to reach a personal goal, I can help you explore what’s holding you back from making the shift and guide you through your journey. 

Reiki Treatment


Reiki is an energy healing modality that uses universal life energy to awaken the body's innate ability to self-heal. Balance and harmony are our natural states and reiki can help accelerate the healing process by reminding the body of its potential for ideal function at the cellular level. 

Reiki can be used for relaxation, pain management, fatigue, aging, to support the immune system, to support mental health, to enhance motivation and creativity,  and so much more. 

Beach Yoga


Yoga can be used as a tool to bring relaxation under conscious control by turning our attention inward to our breath, our asanas (poses) and our recovery or resting states. The Dr. Bali Method is a technique of therapeutic yoga I use that supports relaxation by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. 


In my private yoga sessions,  I can help you cultivate an awareness of your body and address the areas where tension is stored by working with you to release the tension and create space for energy to flow. Group sessions and workshops are also available. 

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Pet Services 

Our companion animals are really good at perceiving our stressors, which can lead to tension build up in the neck and back. 

Animal communication and reiki treatments allow us to understand what's going on with our pets and help them relax to promote healing and harmony.  

Herbal Medicine

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Browse and shop some of my favorite supplements and superfoods. 

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