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Nurture • Balance • Renew 


My personal wellness journey began in 2006, while trying to overcome my own health challenge. At the time, I was pushing myself too hard to achieve, overworked and turning to maladaptive habits to avoid feeling the big feelings. The chronic stress affected my immune system and I developed psoriasis, kept getting sick and felt tired all the time. I knew that there were better ways to handle stress and anxiety, which sparked my interest to dive deeper into health and wellness. 

Today I am a naturopath, life coach and yoga teacher who is passionate about teaching people how to live well. My approach is holistic; aligning the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects that make us whole. I prioritize self-care and work with my clients to cultivate self-love, presence and a balanced lifestyle that includes high quality nutrition. This allows the body restore homeostasis - its natural state that is fundamental to healing and resilience. 

I believe that you can be healthy and unwell or be facing health challenges and living in wellness. It's a dynamic process.

The path back to wholeness is the most fulfilling ride you can take! I'd love to support you through your own, unique wellness journey.




All Things Holistic Wellness ♡

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